Thursday, 22 January 2015

Socials 8: Intro to Castles

Two versions of the review sketchnote
(oops = "divine" not "devine")

Sorry for the missed posts. Here is a general summary of the last three classes. Before we started to look at castles, I wanted to confirm the main points about the feudal system. We worked together to build a sketchnote and then we moved on to learning the common parts of a castle. Remember that each castle was unique and just because our diagram had certain elements, there will certainly be other castles that lacked those things. Socials 8-3 has watched the 60-minute castle documentary, and the other two classes will watch it on Monday.

There is no homework.
Some students in Socials 8-1/8-2 are missing things for the upcoming report card.
Shay, Nicholas, Ethan, Lindsey, Freddy, Brody and M'Lee please check with me. 
Notes from the Castle documentary

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