Monday, 5 January 2015

Socials 11-1: Quebec - Part One

Today we started looking at Quebec.  For the provincial exam, you must understand the reasons for the rising Québec nationalism after the Duplesis era. You should be able to identify the characteristics of the 60s, 70s, and 80s and the key players in them.  What went on at Expo 67? What was thew October Crisis? When were the two referenda, and what was Canada's response to them?

From Maître Chez Nous
We started by seeing what you already know about Québec and then we jigsawed Ex #2 and then watched the Peoples History episode titled "Maître Chez Nous." I created a sketchnote but asked you to create a two-sentence summary.  This is to practice for the provincial. After we debriefed, I showed you "Vive le Québec Libre." We were told of the impending showdown between federal Liberal Justice Minister (later P.M.) Pierre Trudeau and up and coming Premiere René Lesvesque. Please also create a short summary of that one.  For homework, I asked that you come to class with Ex #3 completed.  We're sprinting to the finish, so don't miss out.

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