Thursday, 22 January 2015

Socials 10-2/10-4: The Confederation Debate

Sorry for the missed posts. We spent the last two classes engaged in a mini debate about Confederation and then we used the People's History to get some details on the 'story"of the different players and events associated with the conferences. Sorry, 10-4, that you had to relearn castles - my typo on the TOC's lesson plan was wholly my responsibility! For homework, 10-4 should finish their 3-4 sentences summarizing the episode that told of Dorion's and the Parti Bleu's opposition to Confederation..

If you still don't know how you did on the government re-retest, please come see me.

Hmmm: that's the downside of sketching in the moment -
it's supposed to say "threat" not "treat" (can you see the typo?).

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