Friday, 9 January 2015

Scials 11: Wrapping up Quebec and Aboriginal Issues.

The quiz
Today we started with a quiz on this week's work. We practiced looking at the issue of Québec separation from a view of violent versus non-violent mechanisms. Next, we debriefed Ex #7-8 on Aboriginal issues. We are now in a position to look at Aboriginal rights through the same lens (violent and non-violent). We ended by watching some of the CBC Barbara Frum interview with Pierre Trudeau (after he had retired as P.M.). Below are some notes (should knows?) about the positions on the failed Meech Lake Accord (Brian Mulroney's first attempt to bring Québec into the Constitution).

Notes from the source question of the quiz (#8)

My notes from the Frum/Trudeau interview

Click HERE to see the full interview
On Monday we begin our geography/demographics unit!

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