Thursday, 8 January 2015

Socials 11-1: Aboriginal issues in Canada

Today we spent a some time discussing the pros and cons of Québec separation (for Québec and for Canada).  I also touched on NAFTA (the free trade agreement, but we'll cover that more as part of the review (I have to skimp on some topics because we have lost about 10% of the time for this course and the exam will not cut us any slack).

Next we looked at my "cheat sheet" (summary sheet) for Aboriginal issues to see the big picture.  We also debriefed Ex #6 starting with the terms used for the different First Peoples. We watched the Peoples' History episode that discussed Harold Cardinal and the Trudeau White Paper from 1969; we then wrote a few sentences to summarize some of the major themes: most students found it easy to write about the Residential Schools topic (I found this gratifying since most students seemed to have a strong understanding of the issue and its affect on First Nations people and culture).

For homework please complete Ex #7-8.  We will debrief tomorrow.

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