Monday, 12 January 2015

Socials 11-1: Intro to Demography

Today we had an intro to demography - the study of populations. We discussed some key terms and had a mini activity to reinforce the three criteria that make up the U.N.'s "Human Development Index." We also learned about population pyramids (please complete one for homework). You must know the four pyramid models (note that in your text, Early Expanding and Expanding are mislabeled!). We went on the CIA World Factbook to look at a variety of population pyramids from around the world. We will continue to review these as the unit continues.  Here is the link:

On Wednesday, we will have a quiz on the Aboriginal and Quebec unit.  It will be similar to the practice quiz we had last week.

Notes: pg. 5

Notes: pg. 4

Notes: pg. 3

Notes: pg. 2

Notes: pg 1

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