Thursday, 22 January 2015

Socials 11: Geography Terms Google Doc/Reviewing Political Cartoons

I'm sorry that I've missed a few posts - Monday was a PD day and on Tuesday I drove the basketball team. Last day we collected Ex #7-10. Those should be done by Friday. They wrap up the key issues in the geography unit. We also did a review of political cartoons and then I had you find a cartoon that dealt with world overpopulation and write a response to it. When I read those, some students were right on, but half the class wrote far too abridged a response; so, I gave another review and example today using an example that Mr. Buxton and I discussed yesterday. I shared his response as an example of a well-rounded exemplar. I returned your original paragraphs and asked you to complete a self evaluation rubric with the option of reworking the original if desired. Please have those for tomorrow.

Today we also used this LINK to access a Google Doc to curate definitions for the unit terms. There were 108 terms and the Google Doc got a bit crazy with 26 people working on it at once, but once we started to draft our terms outside of the Doc, things worked better. If you were unable to finish all four of your terms, please do so by Monday - after that I will close the Doc to editing.
Yesterday's sample cartoon on overpopulation.
Our initial brainstorming

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