Friday, 16 January 2015

Socials 11-1 Human Rights and Globalization

Today was another crammed class. We started by reviewing demographics by picking countries and guessing at their place on the H D Index and the shape of their population pyramid. I wanted to reinforce that the relative location of the Equator is a good yardstick to measure a country's status. I also mentioned Singapore as a non-example of the proximity to the Equator rule - but the rule is still useful to remember.

I shared a PowerPoint on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (and others) to highlight the international community's attempts to improve living conditions around the world. We also used the story of a female forest fire fighter in BC to show how the BC Civil Rights Act works and how tribunals have the public good in mind.
Answers to Ex #15

Next I asked that you complete Ex #14 (on world health) for homework - sorry I can't give more class time and more beneficial practice on everything. I then discussed Ex #15 and put notes on the board for you to use. I also assigned Ex #16 to be done for homework. We then discussed the proliferation of digital technology and spoke specifically about the Internet and mobile phones (there were some interesting statistics).

The homework is designed to give you practice for the exam; please help yourself by doing it.

(Remember to use SlideShare to access old PPTs.

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