Friday, 16 January 2015

Socials 10-4: Debating partnership

Today we did a follow-up activity to our research on the pros and cons to the colonies joining together. We separated into four groups with pros and cons in each. Next, all the pros met together, as did the cons. After hammering out good arguments through discussion, members of the two camps went back to their groups to debate the merits of their sides. I was pleased with the decorum and the quality of the arguments.

Next, we watched two brief episodes of the People's History. I modelled a sketchnote for each. Next class, I will give less scaffolding as you grow your personal capacity to take notes. Thanks for a productive class - time seemed to fly. There is no homework - enjoy the long weekend.
The first conference was so positive
the players decided to go to Qu├ębec
The first video helped to explain why
George Brown became willing to join
together with Macdonald and Cartier

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