Monday, 24 March 2014

Socials 8-2: Connecting to current events

Sometimes in Socials we can get caught up in the past at the expense of the present.  Today we had a discussion about the news and news sources.  We also discussed how an item "makes it into" the news.  Who decides?  We discussed bias, point of view and political agendas.  Finally, we used the Internet to start to research three current news stories.  I asked that they all come from different areas of the SPERM-G acronym, but other than that, the topics are wide open to student interest.  I did say that it was necessary to have at least three sources of information for each of their three stories.

Today the goal was to select the three stories and get started researching one.  Here are our notes:
Things we know are currently in the news
The guidelines for our news stories research

There is no homework except to
watch the news!

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