Thursday, 6 March 2014

History 12-1: Stalin's consolidation of power and The Great Purge

Today Ms. Wagner debriefed the reading on collectivization and the Soviet school text that described the Purge; this allowed you to complete Falk's Ex 19.  Next, I gave some notes on the Howarth reading that you started class with.  We then viewed the Stalin video that is from the companion BBC series.  For homework, please read DeMarco pp .57-62 (Ex #2 - #5).

I hope to finish the unit tomorrow and have the unit test on Monday (not a good class to miss).

Lily, Eric and Pierre: I need a current e-mail address for your parents/guardians so I can send an interim report home.  Please use the e-mail link on the blog to send me a message.

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