Friday, 28 March 2014

History 12-1: Dictators' economies

Today we were interrupted at the beginning of the class by the fire bell/incident.  I was impressed by your positive/tongue-in-cheek attitude and absolute lack of whining when we returned to class: thanks! We watched the "Hitler's Germany, 1933-36" video and completed the companion Falk study guide.  We didn't debrief the DeMarco questions: this set was very straightforward.  We ended with the Dictators' Economies ppt.  I've included a copy of the title page and the writing prompt for quick reference.  Please come to class on Monday with your paragraphs and I'll try to get them marked and returned for Tuesday.

Remember to be concise.
Just because I'm a nice guy, here is a link to the PPT Dictators' Economies 

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