Friday, 28 March 2014

Socials 10-2: Batoche and Riel's Trial

Today we watched two episodes about the Northwest Rebellion from A People's History: "Siege" and "Batoche."  We used our normal routine of debriefing your "bullet points" but I only asked of a few "volunteers" rather than having everyone share.

My brief sketchnote
Next, we used the following link to access actual testimony from Riel's Regina treason trial:

The characters we chose to portray
We each chose a witness and then scanned his testimony to get a flavour of the evidence.  Then I acted as the lawyer and students answered their character's questions in turn.  We only had time to hear from the prosecution's witnesses.  We'll hear from the defence on Tuesday.

Our next topic is the CPR and the National Policy (the reading will be pp. 183-191).  After that we will do a unit review and then write our test on "The West." We will be finished all of that by April 11, the end of Term Three.

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