Monday, 24 March 2014

Socials 10-3: The Numbered Treaties

Today I discussed the writing rubric and returned the last few 1869 paragraphs.   We then read pp. 175-178 and did a jigsaw Internet research activity to learn the nature of the different "Numbered Treaties" created in the 1870s to deal with the government's plans to expand into the West.  Next, we watched a segment (#10) from A People's History titled "Pieces of Pemmican."  It summarized the fact that not all Aboriginal leaders were in agreement about signing the various treaties, but that in the end they felt they had no choice: the settlers were coming and the bison were rapidly disappearing.  Ultimately, the First Nations negotiators/leaders tried to guarantee the wellbeing of their people in the face of anticipated famine.
Some notes on each of the treaties

A quick sketchnote identifying some of the pressures on
the First Nations.  This leads to the 1885 Northwest Rebellion.

For homework, please review pp 181-189 and come to class with five bullet notes to share.

The following students have an outstanding Riel sketch note to return:
Zofia, Halle, Shaelyn, Jasper, Bailey, Kayla, Natasha

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