Monday, 31 March 2014

Socials 10-3: The North-West Rebellion

Today we did a recap of the events that led up to the 1885.  We spent some time outlining the differences between Middleton's troops and Riel's Métis.  We watched three segments of the People's History: "The Dispossessed" (about aboriginal dissatisfaction after the Numbered Treaties were signed), "The Siege" (about Duck Lake) and finally, "Batoche." Next class we'll look at Riel's treason trial and then we have only to examine the CPR and the National Policy; then we'll be ready for a review and unit test.  Next Friday is the end of Term Three.  In Term Four we examine BC, immigration to Canada and the turn of the century: that gets you ready for Socials 11 which takes over the story at the beginning of the First World War.  Here are my board notes from today:

Oh, there is no homework.
"The Siege" and "Batoche"
"The Dispossessed"

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