Wednesday, 5 March 2014

History 12-1: the nature of Stalin's totalitarian regime in pre-war USSR

Today we started by debriefing Questions 2 and 3 from the homework reading.  I was very happy with the discussion.  You have clearly put some thought into this topic.  I also thought you did well is our discussion of the sources you analyzed on the single sheet.  Next, we split into two groups, each with a teacher-mentor to assess the civil liberties and such identified on the two-sided Stalin worksheet (the one with the Stalin portrait watermark).  I asked that you read two pieces for homework: 1) the Stalin and his Hangmen handout that discusses collectivization, and 2) the Falk exercise on The Purges (DO NOT do the questions - just the readings).

Tomorrow, with Ms. Wagner, you'll debrief those two pieces and answer the questions, as well as watch the Stalin video and complete the companion study guide (in class).  Finally, you'll go back and complete the Stalin worksheet you started today that compares the USSR to Canada.

Keep it up: you're doing well and I have a satisfied smile on my face when we finish each lesson (and if you learn anything in this unit, it is that it's good to keep a smile on the dictator's face).

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