Monday, 31 March 2014

History 12-1: Nazi Germany timeline and the 1935 Nuremberg Laws

OK, I redid it and took a pic
We started the day's class by picking up the pieces (literally) of a timeline to allow us to review all that we've learned in this unit.  We even made some connections to Mussolini's Italy.  Here is the result of our work:

Effects of the Nuremberg Laws on Jewish Germans

At the end of the line was Kristallnacht, an event we've not spent much time discussing.  I asked you to use the laptops to find out about the 1935 Nuremberg Laws and then we discussed them. 

I then gave you some time to work on Ex 8; we'll finish in class tomorrow.  

I also issued Ex 9 - please do that one as a homework follow up to today's discussions.

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