Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Socials 10-2: Lead up to the 1885 Northwest Rebellion: Whiskey Forts and the NWMP

Today I started by collecting the last few1869 paragraphs and returned some that were marked.  I was pleased with the effort that you gave in your writing and all of the hard work paid off because the majority of you were "accomplished" or "high developing." If you didn't get your back, see me at your convenience between classes and I will give it to you.

Next, we watched a segment of the People's History and then debriefed and discussed the influences at work on westward expansion after Confederation.  I asked students to ensure they had a few "bullet notes" from the video and we shared in turn; I tried to add some colour commentary and background information where it seemed appropriate.  Finally, I reviewed the idea of using transition words (what I call "signpost" words) in your writing.  Here are my notes for both.  There is no homework if you've completed your Northwest Rebellion reading.
People's History sketchnote
Using "signposts"

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