Monday, 3 March 2014

Socials 10-3: Paragraph Writing Lesson

Today I started by returning the Red River sketchnotes and then I went on and on about how good they were, and I meant it.  I thought you all showed evidence of analytical thinking and creativity.  I hope you see value in this kind of work.  Next, we changed gears to a more traditional "bread and butter" skill: paragraph writing.  Unfortunately, the interactive software failed partway through the lesson, so we lost some notes, but as long as you remember the "names/tells more" format we'll all be happy.  When we return on Wednesday, we'll use the laptops and our research in the Google Doc to help us compose a paragraph that will apply all that we practiced today: remember, think conflict and cultural threat when you think of the Metis in this period.

A sample opener and closer.

Here's another way to "build" a topic sentence.

As long as you come to class with a topic sentence or two, there is no homework although you may wish to get a head start on reading up to the conclusion of the Northwest Rebellion pp 169-193.

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