Tuesday, 25 March 2014

History 12-1: Germany in the 1920s: towards stability

Today we did a recap of yesterday's discussion of the three putsches in order to clarify the differences.  We also watched two short British Pathe videos on the first two putsches.  Next, we created a timeline of the 1920s to remind ourselves of the other forces at work in this period.  I suggested that using SPERM-G is wise at it encourages us to think around a topic rather than just zeroing in on one narrow element.  For example, when studying the First World War, it would be natural to focus on the military engagements, but what about the changes to society and what about the economic forces at play?  We also did a debrief of the DeMarco reading.  Rather than review every question, (many of which were straightforward) we only discussed the ones that were unclear or encouraged debate.  We ended with some class time to do the next reading: 
Demarco, pp 85-92 Ex #4-7

I also collected the Italy Fascism timeline assignment; if you were unable to hand it in, please do so tomorrow.

From the Spartacists video

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