Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Socials 8-3/8-1 Day 2 of Sketchnoting

Today we started by discussing the things that allowed our poster projects to be successful and the things that slowed our progress.  Flash drive availability was one common complaint. If you wish, put a $10 (2 gigabyte) flash drive on your wish list so your folks know you need one.

Next, we did a review of the sketchnoting skills we learned last class and then practiced adaptations in the hope of taking our first steps towards developing a personal style.  We also discuss the rationale for doing sketches (purposeful doodles with labels) as a way to deepen our connections with our learning.

We ended the class by creating our first sketchnote on the migration (invasion) of Britain by the Saxons.  I was pleased with the successful application of the strategies we had worked on earlier.  It is gratifying to see such obvious learning.  Thanks.
The beginning of my Saxon sketchnote
There is no homework unless your Saxon poster is overdue.

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