Friday, 6 December 2013

History 12-3/ 12-2Presentation Day

Today we shared our presentations.  We began by debriefing the format of the rubric and decided the order of the speakers list.  I suggested that this was good experience for those of you who were planning to attend college or university because sharing information in seminar groups is a part of the post-secondary routine.  Thanks, those of you who were prepared and present.  We also did some practice questions for Monday's test.

Ideas for the test:

I suggested that you look at p. 117 in the Falk handbook to get an idea of what the three choices for the paragraph question might look like; ignore #1-3 and #5 (although appeasement questions could appear in the objective sections of the test).  Don't be lazy: write some pre-write notes for three topics and you should be good.  Remember, details/evidence/examples are needed to support your argument and to lead you to a conclusion.  Also, read pp 78-116 in the handbook a few times because it covers all of the "parts" of this unit in a clear fashion - it really is your silver bullet.  I have all of the PPTs on the Slideshare link via the blog.  Make sure you watch the rest of the War Conferences PPT and pay attention to Tehran, and Yalta (with the Big 3) as well as Potsdam.  Remember, the Atlantic Charter is the "14 Points" of the Second World War.  You may wish to review your answers to the Chapter 12 DeMarco questions that you did earlier.  There will be a "matching" section that uses terms from the list of 74 vocab terms that we "chunked." There is no "source" question on this test. Good luck.

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