Tuesday, 17 December 2013

History 12-3/12-2

Today was a jam-packed day.  We started by debriefing the study guide for yesterday's comparison of the Warsaw Pact and the NATO treaty.  We noted that there were more similarities than differences.  Here are so focus points from that:

Next, we watched the video titled "Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Khrushchev."  It did a good job outlining the increased tensions between the superpowers over things like The Bay of Pigs, The Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

We ended by hearing my PPT presentation on Khrushchev: this highlighted some of the important points from DeMarco Chapter 14, (but it is not a replacement for the reading).
Use the Slideshare link to access the presentation 
Tomorrow, we will go deeper into the Berlin and Cuba crises and then review for the test that is on Thursday.

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