Monday, 2 December 2013

History 12-3/12-2 Battle of Britain video

Today we watched the "Britain Alone" video (sorry for the poor quality of the degraded vhs tape).  After viewing and discussing, I  asked the class to write a brief five or six sentence summary of the video.  By now you should be getting very comfortable developing a quick topic sentence and then summarizing a discussion.  This ability to take a big idea and simplify key points will pay dividends for those of you going on to post-secondary school next year.

I also asked students to select a timeline event and research it as per the example below.  We have the computers on Wednesday and Thursday, and I'll ask you to transcribe your findings onto a Google doc then.
In the big class, I issued a copy of the workbook terms from the Second World War chapter and then "chunked" them into categories (ex. Spanish Civil War; Pacific War; Battle of Britain; etc.)  I'll give that information to the small class tomorrow.

I did not assign any homework so that you would have another night to build your inquiry presentations  due Friday.  Tomorrow 

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