Thursday, 12 December 2013

Socials 8-1/8-3 Vikings

Today we completed the text study guide work for pp 32-35.  I also introduced the Vikings sketchnote assignment.  This is a chance to show your learning in a new way.  We will continue with this next class.  If you were unable to finish the questions in class, you may like to do so for homework.


  1. Mr.Marshall,
    I was wondering for the viking sketchnote if it has to be about lots of little things we have learnt about them or just one message. I know that your sketchnotes that you have showed us consists of more than one message. Thanks

  2. Thanks for your note, Goldney. It is fine to take either approach. Most students are including a variety of content on the theme of Vikings, but it is also perfectly acceptable to narrow your focus to a more limited number of "parts" of this subject. I'm looking for a marriage of language and images to show learning/understanding. I hope that makes things more clear. Let me know if you'd like further clarification. Enjoy your weekend.