Monday, 9 December 2013

Socials 8-2 Viking Questions, Part 2

Today we had a short discussion about Nelson Mandela and his contribution to our world.  We see his legacy in our own reconciliation work with our First Nations people, but there is still much to do.

We worked independently to read pp. 32-35 in the text.  Next we answered some questions in the study guide.  Again, we see the role of Christianity/religion as a force of change.  Many of you noticed that the graffiti activity was hampered by the fact that there is no rune for the English "l" sound.  I thought it was a great idea of the boys working at the back of the class to design their own rune to fill in the blank (innovation is a great skill to have).

Please ensure you have all of the study guide work done before next class: we will be bringing all of our learning together into a comprehensive Viking sketchnote.

Thanks for a very productive work period!

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