Tuesday, 10 December 2013

History 12-2/12-3 Test debrief and Cold War PPT - Part One

Today we started by reading a review in The New Yorker about a book that discusses nuclear weapons in the Cold War, and after.  Read it to find out what the author says was/is the real threat with these weapons (hint: it's not the fact that governments might launch their missiles).

Next, I reviewed the USA, Mid-East and India test.  There will be a tutorial on Wednesday at lunch for those who wish to rewrite that test (the re-write is on Friday).  I also shared the marks form yesterday's Second World War test.  If didn't present your inquiry on Friday, see me soon to arrange a time to present to me outside of class time.

We also had a discussion on the first part on my Cold War presentation.  We noted how some of the terms listed are examples of "causes" of the Cold War, and some are examples of "competition" during the Cold War.  The main thing is that you understand that the world order shifted into a bipolar landscape of two superpowers.  Tomorrow we'll look at some specific examples of events and their causes and their effects as they related to the late 1940s and 1950s.

Please complete the reading of Chapter 13 in DeMarco (and complete the exercises).

Today's PPT can be reviewed on Slideshare vis the link on the blog sidebar.

What imagery would you use to represent the division that
was created between the USA-dominated West and the USSR-
dominated East?  What would you leave in and what would
you add?  How would you use the dead space in the middle
of this image?

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