Wednesday, 11 December 2013

History 12-2/12-3: Cold War Lesson 2

Today we started by examining some statistics from a 1950 American Gallup Poll. I wanted to give you a sense of how people were feeling at the start of tensions between the East and the West.  I asked students to record a couple of our observations.  For example, we saw a difference in the perceived likelihood of nuclear war based upon education level.  We also noted that there we differences in the views of Republicans vs. Democrats, and men vs. women.

After that we looked at the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan and NSC 68 as the cornerstones to US foreign policy in that era.  We also looked at the Soviet responses.  You should be able to complete the following chart and if you can't, revisit the PPT via Slideshare on the sidebar of the blog.
What are the Soviet companions to these
USA initiatives?  Where would NSC
Order #68 fit in?
For homework, please read DeMarco Chapter 14.  You should be ready to answer question on it for Friday's class.  Today we had the tutorial for Friday's retest on the USA, and the Mid-East and India: anyone who attended is welcome to write the test.

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