Thursday, 19 December 2013

Socials 8-1/8-3

Today we had a nice discussion about civil rights and Nelson Mandela.  I then read the beginning of an info pack and students read the rest.  Please remember that some of you promised to try to get missing work in tomorrow.

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  1. Saxons Christians and Scholars

    Saxons first came to Britain not believing in christianity, Instead believing in their own god named Woden and another named Thor. The Celts in wales still believed in and remained christians, while saint patrick was converting the Irish Celts to christianity (Also a late Irish monk named St. Columbia) set up a monastery where the monks converted the angles (Also the english of Northumbria to christianity. In 597 A.D, Pope Gregory of Rome and St. Augustine set out to preach to the Saxons and Angles, also at the time there were 2 types of christians, the ones who followed the teaching of British monks and those who followed St. Augustine’s way of teaching. In 664 A.D it was decided everyone would follow St. Augustine’s version of christianity as it gave men a better chance to study, this leading to monasteries being built and Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were converted to the new religion.