Wednesday, 4 December 2013

History 12-3/12-2 War Timeline Google doc

Today we started by using the laptops to complete the Google doc on the Second World War timeline.  We debriefed all of the input in the small class and a variety of the events (by date and campaign) in the large class.  We also saw some more footage from various campaigns (in the big class it was the Allied bombing campaign on Germany and a bit of the U-boat war.  I tried to review some of the main points for each.  These two campaigns are good examinations of the ethical and strategic decisions that leaders and planners must make in time of war.
D-Day HINT: know the 5 beaches and their nations, the role of the airborne
vs. the amphibious soldiers, the role of the navy and the air force and
 the importance of P.L.U.T.O. and the Mulberry harbours. 

Looking at the land campaigns
Your projects are due on Friday.  We will be looking at the war conferences tomorrow and reviewing for the test.  On Friday we will listen to the projects being presented. And on Monday we will have the test on the war.  
Different ways to construct a WW2 timeline
(campaign vs. branch of service)
The Allied bombing summary
from World at War video
The U-boat summary from World at War video

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