Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Socials 8 Geography Test Prep

This is a special post to give sample questions of what will be on your test.
All of the questions are just like the ones we practiced and the map sheets are also exactly like the ones we used to practice = NO SURPRISES.  Good luck!
Name the lines on a globe: Ex. a) parallels

Give the name, degrees and direction of the key lines: Ex. a) North Pole 90 N

Name the hemisphere Ex. a) Northern Hemisphere

Identify the seasons: Ex. a) Summer

Tell what gives seasons:Ex a) tilt b) revolution around sun.
Identify the tilt of Earth's axis

Complete the statements according to our classroom definitions

Examine climate graphs and tell where they are from: Ex. #1 Northern Hemisphere (hot season is  May-August

Read a ratio scale: Ex, "one to fifty thousand"
You will be given two maps of the same area and two scales; match the scale to its map 

(tell which is the large scale and which is the small scale).

Given a table of data, create a climograph

Given two routes on a map, find the two distances

Given three points on a world map, find the geographic coordinates 
(latitude and longitude - including the direction N/S/E/W)

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