Monday, 1 December 2014

Socials 11: Second World War test prep

Today I returned your Home Front paragraphs.  Your writing is getting better.  We also discussed the significance of peer and self assessment.  I issued rubrics so you could practice and then I issued my assessments of your work.  I then spoke about your primary source pieces.  We'll be doing more of that in the future.  We ended by reviewing some of the key ideas on the what/so-what vocab list from the Falk book (and had a giggle listening to Nicole correct my pronunciation of Luftwaffe).

The test will be a bit shorter than usual:

Part A: 4 What/so-whats
Part B: 23 Multiple Choice Questions
Part C: Long Paragraph (it will be a SPERM-G prompt and not just a narrow focus on a single battle of front).

Good luck - please study!

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