Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Socials 11: Intro to Post-war Canada

Today I started by returning your tests.  The results were good and many of you were able to improve your standing.  We reviewed the answers to the test: the re-test will be Friday at 3:05.  I was pleased how many of you were able to incorporate the things we've been fixing on your paragraphs into your test writing.  We also went through the Key Elements document from the curriculum guide so you could appreciate just how much of the course we have addressed (we are on schedule but we have another test or two before the winter break so we can't rest yet).

We also watched the intro vignette from the People's History to get a sense of the Canada that grew out of the war.  I ended with a PPT discussion to outline Canada's involvement in NATO and to describe the nature of the bi-polar world created by the Cold War.  For homework, please finish reading pp130-140 in your textbook.
View the PPT via the SlideShare link

Poland shifted west and an "iron curtain descended" across Europe
Have a sense of some of the political pressures of the time

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