Monday, 8 December 2014

Socials 8-1/8-2: Re-introduction to Sketchnoting

Today we revisited sketchnoting.  When Ms. Wagner introduced you to this form of visual thinking, she did not have the opportunity to get too deeply into explaining "why" this style of information gathering is so effective.  We did that today by watching the Sunni Brown TED Talk on doodling and then we learned how our three memories work and finally we saw some examples of my journey with sketchnoting before getting down to learning some new techniques of our own.  We will be having another lesson on this before we have to create.  There is no homework.

I gave everyone his or her mark for the geography unit test today.  A few students may like to re-write the test.  Once all classes have written it (tomorrow) I will schedule both a tutorial and a re-test.

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