Friday, 12 December 2014

Socials 10-4: Party Platform Wrap-up; Test Prep

Test Outline
We had to postpone our dance visit scheduled for today because the P.E. staff needed a block without outside students during our block; we will go on Thursday instead.

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Today we completed our party platform presentations.  I must say that as a group you have come a long way.  The quality of the presentations and the quality of the questions and observations just keeps going up.  I thought that you conducted yourselves maturely.  Yes, some students shone in the spotlight, but as a group you were all mature, courteous and respectful to the people speaking.  More important, I think you all gained a much stronger appreciation for the job our representatives do and a stronger understanding of political ideas and where they fit along the political spectrum.

On Tuesday we will have a medium-sized test to wrap up our government unit.  Use the blog and your notes to review.  Don't forget the PowerPoint slides are available on my SlideShare account for your review.  This test will not include a writing section - just
short answers.
You should be able to give a "what/so-what" for each of these terms
Enjoy your weekend: please study!  This will be your first Term Two mark.

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