Friday, 12 December 2014

Socials 11-1: Society of the 1950s

Today I started by checking in to record who has been keeping up with his and her homework.  It is up to you to use the practice I give you to develop the skills and knowledge required for the course. If you are on the edge of passing and require a re-write for every test, remember that for the final you will be responsible for the whole course.  We also visited the blog to make sure you understand how useful a tool it can be.  If you are achieving marginal success with your current study habits I encourage you to start visiting the blog every day to see what I post. The blog also has a link to exam banks that you may use to start practicing for the provincial exam.

Next, we debriefed Ex #5 and #6.  We also watched two segments of the People's History: one on the Baby Boom and the growth of suburbs and the associated prosperity of the 1950s, and the other on the smouldering dissatisfaction in post-war Quebec. We noted the huge infrastructure projects of the 50s under Louis St Laurent and the pro-Canada work (bi-cultural) of Lester Pearson and the multi-cultural work of Pierre Trudeau.

I collected the second Cold War paragraph at the end of class; if you missed it, please hurry and get it in. We will have a tutorial on Monday at lunch for those wishing to re-write the Cold War test.  The test will be Wednesday after school.

Here are some notes from a tutorial I gave at lunch today:

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