Monday, 8 December 2014

Socials 11: Korean War; UN Peacekeeper Myth

Today we began by examining the Korean War and the role it played in showing that Canada was in fact going to put itself out in support of the UN. We used Ex#3 to consolidate the key points on that war, but also on the Suez Crisis, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Vietnam War.  We have to understand why Canada does participate in some international events, but not others.  We also had a discussion about the peacekeeper myth that exists in the minds of many Canadians about their armed forces.  We do not have separate forces of "peacekeepers" for the UN and other groups of soldiers "to fight."  All members of the army are soldiers, trained to do one job.  One deployment could be to a war zone as members of a counter-terror mission and the next could be to support flood victims at home:
two jobs, one soldier. This was brought clearly home when the brigade in Germany moved to Yugoslavia at the beginning of the 1990s (changing from NATO forces to UN forces in a week).

Today I collected the political cartoon paragraphs.  Please complete Ex #3 and do Ex #5 before tomorrow's class.  We will examine the shift in post-war Canadian society and I want you to have some background reading done first.

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