Friday, 5 December 2014

Socials 11-1: The UN and Political Cartoons

Today we debriefed Ex #1 on the UN.  We reinforced the differences between the organization of the League and the United Nations.  Next class we'll review the PPT slides to solidify our understanding of Canada's role in the U.N. (as peacekeeper, humanitarian and developer).

For the second half of the lesson we learned how to analyze political cartoons using the Jeff Marshall method of identifying "what we see," "what it means," and "what are the bigger historical/thematic connections."  We did this in a process called scaffolding.  This is where first "I do," then "we do" together and finally, "you do" by yourselves.  I asked that you come to class on Monday with your cartoon analysis paragraph completed.  I have uploaded the PPT to my SlideShare account so you can review it if necessary.  Enjoy your weekend.

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