Thursday, 11 December 2014

Socials 11: Cold War Test: extension writing activity

Today I returned the test paragraphs and gave some general observations on ways to improve for next time.  We are continuing to improve.  We'll have the tutorial on Monday.  The rewrite will be Wednesday after school.

Next, we extended our work to address the issue of Canadian autonomy during the Cold War.  In short, we seemed to spend a lot of energy trying to gain autonomy from Britain before the Second World War and a lot of energy giving it up to the Americans after the war (or did we?).  I asked you to write a paragraph on the topic of autonomy in the post-war era in class. If you were unable to finish in class, please do so for homework.  I also asked that you complete Ex #6 and #7 if you didn't do so yesterday.

Topic sentence?

Pre-write notes

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