Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Socials 10-2: The Red River Resistance

Today we began by reading pp. 155-7 in the text. I asked that you gather three bullet points and create two questions. We found in discussion that the questions tended towards three general areas: 1) what was going on with the fur trade; 2) why did the government treat the Métis so poorly; and, 3) why were people coming to the West?

Next we watched three episodes of the People's History with discussions after each. They were: "If We are Rebels," War is Upon Us," and, "A Single act of Severity." We are now familiar with the actions of the Resistance including the execution of Thomas Scott and the resultant military expedition to Fort Garry. We also understand the steps taken by the Métis to achieve the creation of their new territory through the Manitoba Act.

There is no homework.

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