Thursday, 16 April 2015

History 12-1: The Middle East and the rise of Zionist and Arab nationalism

Today we debriefed Ex #17 and that tied in nicely to being able to connect with our own democracy. I do urge you to watch the news every couple of days - it really will give you fuel to add to our in-class work. Next, I showed a couple of brief newsreel interviews with Gandhi. I'm sorry the audio was so poor, but I always get a kick out of using those sources for quotable quotations that I can then use in my writing. After that we had a discussion/PPT to gain an overview of the growth of nationalism in the Middle East. We began by getting a handle of the geography of the territory around modern day Israel and then looked at the 1917 Balfour Report and the issue of self-determination and saw again how trying to do the right thing by one group only causes problems for another.

Tomorrow we will write our USA test (with some main ideas about India and the Middle East - don't worry, there will be very little on the latter). Can you take the time to check out the back of the Falk chapter to see some of his suggested essay topic for this unit? I often borrow from him (hint, hint).
Here's a revisit to the big picture for the USA

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