Wednesday, 1 April 2015

History 12-1: Hitler solidifies his power

Today we looked at the treatment of the Jewish people in Germany after Hitler and the NAZIs gained power. We saw how the harsh treatment and discrimination started out slowly, but quickly gained momentum. The Nuremberg Laws are "must knows"(one removed German citizenship (and worker rights) and the other was designed to ensure German Arian purity). Next, we examined the Night of the Long Knives. We noted how the army was willing to give an oath to Hitler to solidify their place above the SA. After 1934, all he has left to do is to wait for Hindenburg's 1936 death, and then the door is open for his becoming der Fuhrer (chancellor and president). We ended with the episode from the 20th Century History series by the BBC. For homework I asked you to finish reading the DeMarco chapter 7. 

We'll wrap things up tomorrow and you will have your fascism test on Tuesday after the long weekend.

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