Wednesday, 8 April 2015

History 12-1: Intro to the USA and the Great Depression

Yesterday we wrote the fascism unit test - I didn't get it back until today but I'll try to get it marked asap. Today we started by debriefing yesterday's DeMarco reading (pp. 113-16, Ex #1-2) and then I gave some notes on the US presidents of the 1920s. Here they are:
Next, we reviewed the notions of interest, investment speculation, buying on margin, supply and demand, inflation and lay-away financing. This led us to be ready to view the BBC 20th Century documentary Boom and Bust. We also completed a study guide for the video (Ex #18a).

Finally, for homework, I asked that you complete Falk Ex 19 on American society in the 1920s - specifically as concerns the growth of the KKK. There is no DeMarco reading for tonight!

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