Tuesday, 21 April 2015

History 12-1: Intro to the Second World War: Monday and Tuesday

We began the unit with a PPT to examine the causes of the War from two perspectives that assign blame (1) on the action of the fascists; and, (2) on the West for its inaction. I also reviewed the CASPRR acronym as a way to remember the steps that Hitler took in his path towards war. I was not pleased that so many of the class did not come prepared with their reading done on Monday, but it seemed to be better on Tuesday. Today we spent some time debriefing Demarco and then had a discussion about "appeasement." This is a BIG idea for this unit. How might diplomacy (or military action) have better been exercised. We brought it into an modern context by thinking of the road the Canadian government is presently transiting in Ukraine and Syria. Next, we started completing Falk Ex. #4 (on appeasement) and ended by watching the similarly titled BBC 20th Century History episode.

Please complete Ex. #4 for your homework.
Notes from the video
Upcoming war inquiry topics: I will present the ones with asteriskes 

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