Monday, 13 April 2015

History 12-1: The New Deal 2/2

Today we debriefed the DeMarco reading and all of our learning from the introductory lessons on the USA and the Great Depression. We reminded ourselves of the central causes for the Depression, the Republicans' initial reactions and FDR's response. Remember the growing list of good quotations (today we added "prime the pump"). To that, we added the notion that there were two New Deals: the first in 1933 and the second in 1935. We made connections to the two plans with regards to the 3 Rs. We ended by watching the BBC documentary series segment and then answering questions people had about the study guide blanks. And, for a rare treat: there is no homework today.

If you did not do well on your fascism unit test, plan to do the retest Thursday.

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