Thursday, 23 April 2015

History 12-1: The Battle of the Atlantic

Today we started by listening to the end of Churchill's 20 Aug 1940 "the Few" speech. We also watched a few minutes of the film "The Battle of Britain" that showed many elements that we discussed yesterday. I shared a second sketchnote that included some key terms. Remember the reference to the "myth" of the Few.

We also had a presentation about the Battle of the Atlantic. This is one of the few times in History 12 that we make a strong content connection with Canada. I noted the importance of aircraft in this campaign, and in the war generally. We ended the lesson with a short clip from the German film "Das Boot." As the class closed, I asked that you compose a brief paragraph to make what were the main teaching points for you, more concrete.

Please read about North Africa in DeMarco pp. 142-44. Tomorrow we ail discuss the Eastern Front.

A good example to technological advances

This graphic is very telling

Remember the USA joined the war in Dec 1941

This should help with summary writing

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