Monday, 27 April 2015

Socials 10-2: The Numbered Treaties

Today we did a group/share jigsaw activity to learn about the Numbered Treaties on the Plains. First, students read the textbook overview on pp. 179-82 and then, in groups of four, they researched one or two of the treaties (Treaty Number 1-7). These websites were helpful:

Source ONE
Source TWO
Source THREE
Next, the students who researched Treaty One met together while those who researched the others did the same. In the end, once individuals confirmed with their peers that their research was accurate, they came back to their original groups of four to share with one another what they had learned.

At the end of class I asked everyone to copy these three dates that span fifty years:

First of the Numbered Treaties (#1): 1871 (Southern Manitoba)

Imposition of the Indian Act: 1876

Last of the Numbered Treaties (#11): 1921 (NWT and Yukon)

There is no homework - next class I will collect the Riel Trial paragraphs.

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