Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Socials 10-4: Aboriginal Cultures

To view the whole documentary, click the LINK.
Today we opened with a check in of prior knowledge about differences between West Coast Aboriginal cultures and those of the Plains and further east. We used the SPERM-G acronym to help us think about different ways to look at this question. Next, we viewed some video about the Mistassini Cree. As a semi-nomadic traditional culture, they inform us about aboriginal cultures different from the West Coast cultures many of us have grown up with. Also, because I have some experience living with the people of Mistassini, I feel at least somewhat qualified to speak to some of what we viewed. I liked that you were able to hear Cree spoken as well as sung. I also thought that the NFB production "Cree Hunters of Mistassini" (1974) did a good job of highlighting things like the Cree propensity to tease and laugh, a more personal window to their lives. I also thought it was important for you to witness how First Nations people have borrowed technology from "the West" in a very selective way - keeping from their own cultures and technologies what made sense. From here we will begin our transition to a look at the Métis and life on the Plains.

If you have not completed your compare and contrast paragraph on the canoe and York boat, please hand it in ASAP.

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