Wednesday, 4 March 2015

History 12-1: Finishing pre-Revolution Russia

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Today we reviewed the table from yesterday's reading and then attempted to discuss the reading from DeMarco, but few people had done their homework. We'll review Ex 1 tomorrow with today's homework. I hold you in high esteem after the results from the first unit test; I know that you don't get graded for your homework, but please show that you don't just "work for marks" because I much prefer to treat you like college students than high schoolers.

Next, we read a summary of the Stolypin agricultural reforms and the new prime minister's reaction to the terrorism and expropriations that were so common in that era. From there, we finished our analysis of the Fundamental Laws and noted that the Tsar kept far too much power from the Duma to make it really effective as a means to modernize the monarchy. At that point I stopped to give you the last 25 minutes to read and answer today's assignment:

In DeMarco, read pp. 39-40 and answer all of Ex #2 and read pp. 40-41and answer all of Ex #3 and all of Ex #4 EXCEPT you need not write the paragraph for "f." (Remember, if you didn't do yesterday's work, you also have Ex #1 to compete).

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