Tuesday, 24 March 2015

History 12-1: Introduction to Mussolini's Italy

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Today we began by debriefing the DeMarco homework and then confirming our understanding of the nature of a totalitarian state by writing brief statements using key words written on the board. Next we had a discussion on Mussolini's rise to power. The main thing I want you to remember from today's lesson is that Mussolini changed his story often to meet the needs of the time. Also, remember he was govern power by the king. any people liked that he established order in a land that was characterized by much disorder after the war. Like many dictators, he started off with small steps toward totalitarianism, but those steps gradually got bigger and bigger. Here are some slides from today's lesson (remember that you can access any of the slides via the SlideShare link to the top right of the page).

For homework I asked that you complete the table that is Ex #5 (from the Falk workbook).

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